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Learning to Walk in the Spirit Requires Faith

Take the Spiritual Animal Quiz to Discover Your Spiritual Animal (Based on the Bible) and How Knowing Your Animal Can Help You in Your Christian Walk.

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Every journey begins with the first step. While studying God's word I saw the Four-Living Creatures found in Ezekiel 1 along with the Wheel in the Middle of the Wheel and I began to see for the first time how to walk in the Spirit. Have you ever been told you need to walk by faith and not by sight? I believe your first step is finding out your "dominate" spiritual animal. 

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About Me

For most of my "adult life" I've been a Christian businessman in real estate sales but since accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior, I've always been drawn to reading and studying God's word.

One day while visiting with my pastor I casually told him I thought I might want to teach a Sunday school class one day. He prayed about it and gave me his approval to teach and I loved it!  

Fast forward 25+ years and I still love reading, studying, and teaching truths God shows me in His word. I tell my students all the time, "I make a horrible Holy Spirit." My job, as I see it, is to encourage, empower, and inspire, believers to get into the word of God and allow the word of God to get into them.

For over 2 years I've done a Christian Podcast called No Doubt No Fear Only Believe where I share my struggles, victories and testimony. (My favorite scripture is Revelation 12:11)